ELEGIANT 3500 Lumens Mini Portable Home Theater Projector review, 800×480 Resolution Support 1080P USB HDMI VGA SD AV

LED Projector,ELEGIANT 3500 Lumens Mini Portable Home Theater Projector 800×480 Resolution Support 1080P USB HDMI VGA SD AV for Home Theater Video Games Gaming Business Presentations White Video Projectors by ELEGIANT product specification, review, price information and comparison
Cheap Video Projectors led projectorelegiant 3500 lumens mini portable home theater projector 800x480 resolution support

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-100% new and high quality.
-1080P Mini Home Theater Projector.
-Designed for home playback HD video and designed for most home high-definition movies at night, it is suitable for home use.
-Color sharp, natural color, home theater projector preferred projector.
-Interface is complete, good compatibility, simple operation, at a glance.
-Rotate the lens to adjust the focus.
-Photo browsing to support a variety of formats, format is complete, do not worry about photos can not be screened, the film can not download.
-Applicable to any scene, one second can be transformed into a theater, novel and unique.
-Glass lens high refractive index, high hardness, wear, stable nature, corrosion resistance.
-Rich data interface, compatible with a variety of devices to meet the different needs of users.
-HD resolution, resolution up to 1024×768, while supporting 1080P video, restore the effect of outstanding.

Product name: Projector
Color: Black, white
Size: Approx. 340x265x110mm/13.3″x10.4″x4.3″
Power: 180W
Lumen: 3500Lumens
Contrast: 2000: 1
Dynamic ratio: 100000: 1
Resolution: 1024×768
Effective scanning frequency band: 46.5M — 863.5M

Package Include
1x LED Projector
1x AV cable
1x Power cable
1x Remote control
1x Connecting line
1x Manual

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