How to Install Morpheus Kodi Build with Screenshots

Morpheus is a brand new Build from the Supreme builds Repository.

It is a light Build and will work great on your any Kodi devices and it also this is available for kodi 17.3 as well as kodi 17.4.

It has also movies sections, TV Shows, Live TV, Paid Live TV, Music, Sports, HD to 3D and Settings. It is also included many good working add-ons such as Project M, StreamZ, Flixanity, All Eyes On Me, Nitro TV, WolFPack, SubZero, Stream Hub, Falcon Project, FTFA, Real Movies, Bennu, BOB Unleashed, Covenant and many more to choose from.

Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi Try IPVanish it has high speed servers with no throttling or logs.
Steps to Install Morpheus Kodi Build with Screenshots
Step 1) From home screen go to Settings

Step 2) Click File Manager

Step 3) Click Add Source

Step 4) Click None

Step 5) Enter the following address:

Step 6) Name it supreme

Step 7) The boxes should match the picture below

Step 8) Go back to Home screen and click add-ons

Step 9) Click the add-on browser from the top left

Step 10) Click Install from zip file

Step 11) Click supreme

Step 12) Click

Step 13) It will pop up Supreme Builds Repository Enabled

Step 14) Click Install from Repository

Step 15) Click Supreme Builds Repository

Step 16) Click Program Add-ons

Step 17) Click Supreme Builds Wizard

Step 18) Click Install

Step 19) It will pop up Supreme Builds Wizard Enabled

Step 20) Go back to home screen and click add-ons

Step 21) Click Program Add-ons

Step 22) Click Supreme Builds Wizard

Step 23) Click Supreme Builds

Step 24) Click Morpheus Build

Step 25) Click Standard install

Step 26) Click Yes install

Step 27) It will download and install

Step 28) Click Force Close

Step 29) After it installs restart Kodi and it should come up. Be sure to give it time to build menus and update add-ons.


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