Wireless Keyboard

TV Box Must-have Gadget, User Experience Improved 100%!!!

This high performance and ultra compact TR-MWK Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad is perfect for night workers, travelers, commuters as well as trainers. The innovative wireless and touch pad design provides a slimline design for maximum portability and convenience for a clutter-free workflow.

Main Features
– Powerful 2.4GHz powerful anti-interference wireless connection
– Innovative keyboard and touchpad for mouse-free operation
– 69 backlit keys provides total convenience for night workers
– Equipped with IR light pointer for presentations and training
– Fully plug and play: perfect for HTPC, PS3/PS4, XBox 360 and XBox One
– USB rechargeable built in battery for an eco-friendly green life
– The embedded receiver can be stored inside the keyboard slot

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Firmware can be used to update your TV Box device. However, please note that firmware is usually suitable to a specific hardware platform, and if you use it on another non-compatible device of TV box, you may brick your device. For TV Box with Amlogic CPU, you should know this useful tool: Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

Firmware upgrade with USB Burning Tool

This method is used for most firmware distributed online. If you have a single firmware file, normally an .img file or extension, you need to use another Windows tool called USB Burning Tool. If for some reasons, your firmware is badly damaged, and can’t access the recovery mode, that may be the only way to unbrick your board. Follow the steps below.

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